DEC 1, 2017 in Berlin

Ownership day

Employee & management participation in start-ups, medium-sized and stock-listed companies

Ownership Day 2017

Germany, the country known for its successful economic businesses, has a surprisingly weak shareholder culture. This is reflected in many areas of economic life, not least in the area of employee participation. Thus, employees miss their chance to generate valuable assets and set up financial security in their pension plan. Companies, on their part, miss out on a highly practicable tool for employee recruitment, -retention, and -motivation.

How can we raise awareness – especially in the minds of decision makers in politics and economics – for the vast benefits that employee participation entails? What are the conditions needed to render corresponding offers as attractive as possible? These questions, among others, will be at the heart of this year’s conference “Ownership Day 2017”, to which you are cordially invited.

Among our speakers are high-ranking decision makers in politics, industry associations and companies, as well as reputable academics and scientists.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on December 1st 2017 in Berlin.



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